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Removing Gallstones Naturally

We all have gallstones. It’s a matter of big or small, many or few. One of the symptoms of gallstones is feeling of bloatedness after a heavy meal. You feel like you can’t digest the food. If it gets more serious, you feel pain in the liver area.

Gallstones may not be everyone’s concern. But we should be because we all have them and it may lead to different health problems.

This treatment is also good for those with a weak liver because the liver and gallbladder are closely related. Those with hepatitis and other liver problem like fatty liver can benefited from this treatment protocol.

It’s best to consult your doctor or health care practitioners who are familiar with this program to advise you with the necessary preparation before doing this. It’s 100% effective and proven by all of my patients with gallstones.


1. For the first six (6) days, take six glasses of apple juice everyday. Or eat four or five big green apples, whichever you prefer. Apple juice softens the gallstones. During the six days, eat normally but avoid fatty or fried foods and as much as possible meat and meat products.

2. On the sixth day, take no dinner.

3. At 6pm, take a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt diluted in half glass warm water. You may sip slice of lemon if you feel nauseated. if you can't tolerate the taste of epsom salt, capsules are available in the clinic, take 10 capsules and drink warm water.

4. At 8pm, repeat taking magnesium sulfate. It opens the gallbladder ducts.

5. At 10pm, take half cup of cold-pressed Olive oil with half cup fresh lemon juice. Mix it well and drink it. You may add some sweetener like muscovado sugar or honey if you can’t tolerate the taste of olive oil. The oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage.

The next morning, you will find green stones in your stools. Usually they float and you can count them. I had patients who passes 40, 50, or up to 100 stones. Very many.

Even if you don’t have any symptoms of gallstones, you still might have some. It’s always good to give your gallbladder a clean up now and then.

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